ChiqueBoss is an upcoming fashion brand that grew out of the passion for fashion of a young independent woman named Eurshanie Nicasia. She began her journey in January of the year 2016. She started her business on Instagram and the response was so amazingly positive that she had no choice but to keep going on. It was, and still is, a huge success from the beginning!

“I strongly believe in the law of attraction. That’s how ChiqueBoss was born. I believed, and still believe, in my dreams and goals so strongly that eventually (after some hard work) my pieces fell together and ChiqueBoss turned out to be my envisioned life goal. ChiqueBoss for me is not only fashion, it’s a way to express myself to the world and communicate my message. I want to be an inspiration for every woman on this earth.

I want my ChiqueBossBabes to feel comfortable in their skin & clothes. But I also want to remind them that clothes are just the cherry on the cake. We first need to take care of our cake and love ourselves before the placing the cherry on top. I see clothing as a way to empower and represent yourself, something that makes you feel good, just that little extra that gives you the courage to move forward and take the next step in life. But also a form of good manners and elegance. That’s the feeling my ChiqueBossBabes should feel in my clothes: comfortable, empowered, sexy, elegant and chique.

At ChiqueBoss we love to see how fashion evaluates. We follow the latest and hottest trends worldwide so we can collect all musthave items for our babes.

Oh and just one more thing babe… Don’t forget to work hard, keep your head high and slay your way to the top.

Photographer: Sarah Ann Terschegget

Lots of lots of love from me to you.

-X- Eurshanie Nicasia, proud owner of ChiqueBoss.
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